Which social networks suit your brand the best ?

When it comes to the question ”Who rules the world today?”, although perhaps unexpected at first, the correct answer is: ”Those with the best brand.” Manufacturers are fighting for the best possible recognition and remembrance in the human head, which creates the power to impose the appropriate culture on them and dictate the lifestyle that, as the center of everything, has their brand. In the world’s most successful companies, brand value will even exceed the value of tangible assets.

Consumers also benefit from the brand. If we were to ask a random person on the street which brand he can think of, his enumeration would surely take a long time.

Social Media Branding

The first positive results of the efforts invested in the development of the brand have been waiting for years, and currently the best way to spread awareness about a particular brand is the Internet and social networks.

Most people not only in our country but around the world spend several hours a day online. They browse social networks, follow different pages, comment, share interesting content, and many more. As during the pandemic movement is limited and it is recommended to reduce it to a minimum, the use of the Internet has experienced even greater exchanges. And ask yourself how often are you with your phone in your hand or in front of your computer?

Companies have all that in mind. Whether it is a home craft, a company, to be present on social networks and present yourself to such a significant part or the majority of the population is mandatory. Also, the costs are low and cost-effective.

Not surprisingly, over 90% of purchasing decisions begin with an online search. Social networks are extremely popular, but how to build a brand the right way on social networks, publish relevant information, communicate with users?

It is very important to direct your efforts towards a clearly defined target group, so additional questions should be asked: Who are you addressing? Are your clients more female or male? What age group should it appeal to? On which network is your target group most represented? How to advertise in the best way and which medium to focus on?

In this article, we will focus on the most popular social networks that have the most users, and the following statistics can help you.

The number of Facebook users globally – July 2020

There are currently 2.09 billion Facebook users in the world, which makes up 35% of the total population. The majority are men, 56%, while women are 44%. The most common age group is between 25 and 34 years of age.

The number of Instagram users globally – July 2020

There are currently 1.08 billion Instagram users in the world (18% of the total population), which is more than a billion fewer users than on Facebook. Unlike the first network, on Instagram the majority are women, 51%; while men are 49%. The most common age group is again the one between 25 and 34 years of age, but we notice that the younger user base we address is more present on Instagram, compared to Facebook.

The number of LinkedIn users globally – July 2020

Moderate, but constant growth is also recorded by the LinkedIn business network, which has 703 million users, or 13% of the population. Men make up to 57% and women 43%, predominantly between 25 and 34 years.

Keeping in mind whether your existing and potential clients are more men or women, whether they belong to the younger or older generation, you can think about a strategy to promote your business and build a brand. A winning social media strategy must ensure that your business is special and seen. This requires:

  • Regularly publishing content that is relevant to your target audience. Content is the first element by which users get to know about you and your brand. The first impression is important, so telling your story in an interesting and educational way is a necessary condition for successful marketing communication.
  • Adequate visual identity that accompanies complete communication. Visual content must be in line with your business, and will make your business visually recognizable and unique.
  • Professional communication with followers and all interested users. In that way you have the opportunity to establish a close relationship with clients, find out their wishes, needs, and achieve cooperation.
  • Advertising to target groups targeted by interests, demographics, habits. Thanks to the tools offered by social networks, it is possible to advertise to narrowly targeted target groups, without wasting the promotion budget on users who you think are not interested in your products and services.
  • Creating a database of new, potential customers, through the use of various digital marketing channels. This creates new opportunities for business growth and expansion, not only in your country but worldwide.

Presence on social media is not an easy task but no matter how big or small your business is, there are ways to be presented online, with the creativity and ability of our team that will help you to present yourself in the right way. Contact us here.

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