Signals indicating toxic hybrid working environment

More and more companies are striving to switch to a hybrid model of work. Namely, the hybrid model is a combination of remote work and field work. Many companies have found that working from home, or working remotely, is just as effective as working on site during the Covid-19 pandemic. This way of functioning and doing business provides higher productivity that results from employee satisfaction.

Employees have the opportunity to choose whether to work from home or from the office. In this regard, they can organize their time in a way that suits them, choosing to work in the time and space that suits them best and when, or where, they feel more productive.

How the hybrid environment will work depends on the company. Whether employees will rotate on a weekly basis, or will work where it suits them depends on the needs, type of work as well as mutual agreements. Certainly, the goal of the hybrid workplace is to balance the needs of individual workers with their ability to cooperate and be productive in a shared physical space.

However, as companies have realized the importance and benefits that this business model offers, and in the desire to implement it as soon as possible, it often happens that they do not have a detailed plan for the successful implementation of this model. This can lead to the creation of a toxic hybrid workplace.


There is no real plan to create a hybrid workforce that operates in the company.

Precisely out of the rush to implement this business model, companies do not devote enough time to its analysis and planning. This leads to a lack of basic and key elements of the plan.

Digital communication tools are not a priority.

Since it is a matter of remote work, it is necessary to provide and use certain tools for communication and cooperation. In this way, it contributes to solving any problems and filling gaps in remotely working. All problems will be solved in a timely manner, with adequate communication.

Celebrations, ceremonies and awards ceremonies take place only in the office.

This way of doing business is not in line with the quality way of doing business, ie the one that strives for the satisfaction of its employees. All employees want to feel equally important and valued in the team. If the company only rewards and organizes celebrations for those employees who work from the office, it can significantly affect all those who work remotely. That is why it is necessary for them to get involved, via Zoom, Slack or some other communication platform.

Your manager does not have a solid communication plan for remote members thereby.

If this is the case, it must be worked on. Those companies that want this way of doing business must pay special attention to communication. Managers need to have a clear communication plan so that each employee is up to date with important issues.

No information available.

Remote, quality work and work that answers all necessary questions cannot be expected from remotely workers if information is not available. Teams working to ensure the success of the hybrid functioning model should also provide digital platforms on which the necessary information will be shared.

Employees are threatened with salary reductions when working remotely.

Employees should not be “punished” if they choose to work remotely. Moreover, they may need to be offered a raise or promotion, if they are more productive and achieve better results when working remotely.

Remotely workers do not receive adequate equipment.

Just like those who work in offices, so do employees who work remotely, require appropriate equipment. Not everyone is able to provide for themselves what they need to work. But companies should treat each of their employees equally and provide them with equal opportunities for work.

These are some of the signals that indicate a toxic hybrid work environment. Businesses should dedicate themselves to solving these problems if they see some of them happening in their environment. If they strive for a more modern and quality business and work environment, they will try to eliminate and work on their relationship with employees and their satisfaction.

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