How to choose the ideal label for your business?

Does your company have a label? Does your company have that one visual symbol which represents it in the way a visit card does? If the answer to these questions is a “No” your company does not really have a face, indeed it is faceless.

Maybe it sounds a little pretentious at first when you hear someone say “A company without a label is like a man without a face”. Yet, a company is defined by its visual identity and its sign/label is a very groundbreaking thing for every visual identity. Everything around us is designed in some way and our everyday life is affected by the visual elements of diverse products as well as the services that we use.

Even though we aren’t always aware of the fact how much visual identity and labels as well as their basis affect our considerate choice of a brand. So it is pretty clear that your business, if you do not have a visual identity which gives potential buyers a recognition factor, suffers losses.

How to choose a label for your Company?

To find the perfect fitting label for your company is a very sensitive and important process, because label creation takes careful selection between elements, symbols and esthetics, which must fit your company’s needs and reflect your company’s values. A successfully created sign is functional, memorable and always recognizable, regardless of the method or medium of application.

There are several types of signs, which are developed after years of experience and practice. In order for the sign to meet the needs of the company it symbolizes, and contain all the listed functional and symbolic elements, it is important that you choose the right sign for your business with care and consultation with a design expert.

A sign always consists of symbols, letters, graphemes, or illustrations, but their combination or representation makes up different types of signs. These divisions can often be confusing or completely unknown to the general public, but to create a successful and purposeful character it is important to choose a type that meets the needs of the company.

What types of signs are there? Below is a division and definition of the signs, which will help you choose the right sign, which you can be sure is consistent with the business you are engaged in or the product you offer.


A simple explanation would be that the logo is a pictorial sign, that is, a sign based on a symbol. The logo does not contain text, it is a sign without the name or initials of the company. Logo signs are independent symbols that use shapes to represent the identity to which they are attached. If it is necessary to single out one example from the field of business, which is immediately recognizable, it could be the Apple logo. When Apple is mentioned, images of their logo are immediately created in the head, which consists of the symbol of a bitten apple. This sign does not contain a name, but only a symbol, which was enough to become universally recognizable.

A subspecies of logo signs are called abstract logo signs, which use abstract symbols for their visual identity that do not have to be reflexively recognizable like an apple, a bird or a flower.

Is a logo the right choice for your business?

As we can see from the examples of Apple or Twitter, these signs are often the choice of large global corporations, which are known to a large part of the public. Their influence and size allow them to choose a sign that does not contain a name for their visual representation, without fear of going unnoticed. However, choosing a brand that does not contain the company name may be the wrong choice for a private business, operating locally, or for a start-up business and a brand whose name or brand the public is not familiar with.

If you are just starting a company and your brand or name is not well known to the public, choosing this sign can be inconvenient because the public will not be able to associate your name when they read or hear it, with a sign when they see it somewhere.


A sign made up of letters is called a logo, and the letters represent a printout of the name of the company for which it is intended. Suffice it to say Coca Cola and we already know one of the most famous logos in the world. This type of sign is very functional and can be a great choice for companies whose name is concise and memorable, and yet not too long. Of course, when creating a logo, the most important thing is to create or choose an existing font that fits. Since this type of sign does not have a symbol to which we can attach, a font or style of letters, with its stylization it has the task of depicting what brand it is.

Choosing such a sign for your company can be very practical, because you will define the complete aesthetics by stylizing the letters. In addition, such signs are suitable for application on business documents or promotional elements. If you want a sign like this for your company, it is important that you think in advance about a likable and memorable name.

Experience shows that the logo is the choice for different types of companies, from telecommunications companies and banks, to technology companies, but also food and beverage manufacturers, so there are no restrictions within the industry that can choose a logo for their visual presentation.


As a kind of subtype of the logo, let’s recognize the wordmark, which imply a logo made up of the initials or initials of the company name. Wordmarked signs are usually used by companies whose name consists of several words, with the aim of achieving efficiency and simplicity. It is certainly much easier to visually present a NASA wordmark than the full name of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, as well as to pronounce it. With this type of sign, as with the logo, the stylization of the letters reflects the spirit of the company behind the sign.

We also recognize a subtype of wordmarks, i.e. signs created from just one letter, usually the initial one, such as the striking sign of a McDonalds fast food restaurant.

Wordmarked characters are preferred for companies that have multiple names or words in their name, which is often the case with maternity companies, when the company name consists of the names of multiple family members. Also, wordmark signs can serve well for institutions or organizations that have more items in their jurisdiction, and therefore the name of the organization consists of several terms.

Combined sign

As the name suggests, it is a combination of image and text, or a combination of logos and logos. These signs contain the symbols and the name or initials of the company combined to form a whole. The combined sign can help place a new brand on the market, because the observer will associate the name with a certain symbol from the beginning.

Combined signs are most suitable for new brands that are not known to the public. If you are just starting a company, the use of a combined sign will help you present to the public both your name and brand, as well as the business you are engaged in, with the appropriate symbol and aesthetics.

We find this sign in all spheres of business and business, regardless of the activity or size of the company, so you can be sure that by choosing a combined sign you will introduce your clients or customers to your brand in the right way.


A sign made up of an illustrated character, the mascot is most often a visualization of people or animals, often fruits or vegetables that possess certain emotional characteristics. These signs are often associated with sports clubs, children’s content, or companies whose products and services nurture family values. The mascot’s connection with these brands is not surprising, because they tend to create an emotional connection with consumers, which will certainly be easier if there is a character in front of the brand to whom we attribute certain characteristics.

If you want to nurture family or related values ​​between your brand and your consumers, you can do so very successfully through the stylization of a certain character. For the simple reason that observers will perceive your mascot as alive and thus assign it certain characteristics with which they identify and build a close relationship.


Emblem signs consist of letters that are inside a particular symbol, and that symbol can be a coat of arms or a seal. Emblems are usually used by companies that nurture tradition or want to show the longevity of their work. They are the most common choice of government institutions and organizations or educational institutions such as schools or universities, but they are not excluded from the food and beverage industry either, so they are often found in well-known breweries or coffee producers.

If you have a company that you strive to build a tradition for, or if you are taking over a company that has a tradition but has not had a visual presentation so far, the emblem may be the right choice for you.

If you are still not sure how to get the ideal sign for your company, consult the experts who will do it for you. Contact our design and branding team, which is at your service to understand your needs and make your business visually recognizable and unique.

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