Five industries thriving at the time of the pandemic

The pandemic that has hit the whole world is leaving numerous consequences. While most of the consequences are related to health, there are many in the business of various industries.

From the very beginning of the pandemic Covid19, there was a global hope that this virus would last for a short time and that the chaotic situation would be overcome with respect to restrictive measures. In that period, everything stopped. However, as time goes by and the situation does not change significantly, the world has realized that it must get used to the new conditions and adapt its life and business to the new way of life.

When it comes to adjustment, some industries have managed to maintain their business at a satisfactory level, while others are unfortunately unable to achieve this. Globally, the following industries are most often talked about, which have managed to maintain or improve their business to the greatest extent.


Each of us enjoys choosing gifts for our loved ones. Gifts are chosen carefully in order to surprise and delight the other party. Whether you have just an idea or a concrete solution, you can find the ideal gift in stores that offer a wide range of products. On the other hand, there are also those forgotten birthdays, sudden situations that require buying gifts at the last minute. Then the gifts are usually bought in the nearest store.

Whether it was the first or the second situation, going to open stores, looking around and choosing the perfect gift was a common picture.

But in the current situation, that is no longer possible. With the closing of stores, we are unable to physically go to the store and choose the gift of our choice. As we continue to celebrate special occasions and buy gifts, they are ordered online today. Simply, websites offer all the information, show the assortment, product features, their prices, online payment and order.

Gifts are not only bought for special occasions, the global pandemic is certainly a reason to pay extra attention to loved ones. All of this further helps this industry record significant growth.

House and garden

The pleasant interior and exterior of the home have always been important for a pleasant family atmosphere, as well as for a sense of belonging. It’s a place we always come back to at the end of the day and where we want to feel most relaxed. For the past year, more than ever, we have been spending time at home, even when it comes to work. As we work from our armchair, there is an even greater need to make the living space even more pleasant and comfortable.

There are various needs, from new plants, through kitchen appliances, to the renovation of the living room. Online shopping for these types of products was not current. However, it is surprising how much this trend has changed and that it is one of the industries that is currently recording great results. During the summer, when the restrictions eased, people spent more on other things, however with the new intensified measures, people refocused on arranging their homes.


Fashion and following trends has always been current. Various garments, their combinations, applications, sites and pages of inspiration were ubiquitous even before the pandemic. Due to restrictive measures and canceled events, it seemed as if this industry would suffer.

However, that is not the case. Brands continued to publish pieces of clothing and inspirational photographs. Both women and men place their orders online. With the ability to view photos of clothes and shoes from every angle, as well as the possibility of replacement, online shopping of this type is not much different from physically going to the store.

Despite the fact that global sales of clothing fell by a record 25% in 2020, online sales do not follow this trend.

While it is inevitable that most of the time is spent at home in comfortable pajamas and tracksuits, we must also be prepared for online classes, business meetings or any other type of video call. Also, we all want to be ready for events when the situation with the pandemic is over and to shine in new pieces of clothing.

Food and drink

Going to a restaurant has always been a way to relax and escape from cooking at home. At any time of the day, the restaurants were always full of people enjoying food and leisure.

Now, what’s left of it is a desire to enjoy food and leisure while the restaurants are closed. This has led to an increase in online food and beverage orders. Instead of going to restaurants, people order food at home. Due to the excess of free time, they are free and ready to try new tastes and explore new brands.

This sector recorded the largest jump in demand at the start of the pandemic. Although markets remained open during the pandemic, online orders remained high.

Also, online ordering of food and drinks is increasing due to the fear that is present in a part of the world’s population that wants to reduce the risk of infection in this way and who do not want to expose themselves too much to the public by going to the markets.


This industry was given a new task with the beginning of the pandemic. Since before the pandemic all attention was focused on beautification and cosmetics made up of makeup, now the focus is on relaxing products, various creams, face masks and other hair, face and body care products.

With more free time, people turned their attention to taking care of themselves. Instead of preparing for an evening out, now it is preferred to prepare a home cosmetic treatment.

Although Saturday night is now organized differently, this industry does not suffer the consequences of the corona virus. Compared to the year before, in 2020, the annual online sales of cosmetic products in the world increased by 84%.

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