Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to any tech solution that helps businesses manage communication with current and potential clients. Also, helps users manage relationships between team members, vendors, partners, and collaborators. CRM allows businesses of all sizes to drive growth and profits.

Who needs CRM? Anyone who works can benefit from CRM. CRMs are no longer just for large-scale organizations with huge databases of customers, but are advantageous to even small and medium sized organizations. Designed to streamline your processes, a CRM can be your one of the most powerful management tools.

AMR Global Advisors have created a system which is more than a CRM. It is a combination of other important features such as HRM, Finance, Project Management. It enables quick and easy overview, direct processes, improving business relations, sales, productivity that leads to more profitability.

Our CRM is created so that you have an easy and quick access and overview to all your business operations in one place, better organization and centralized task management, Within project management segment, you can easily track projects phases, activities, tasks, due dates etc thus avoiding delays and increasing efficiency.

Besides project management, there is a HRM providing all necessary info related to employees, from tracking attendance, payroll info, holiday and leaves.

The CRM has also the financial segment, where you can access to your business financials such as expense estimates, invoices, payments.
In addition, users can track their activities, timesheets, events, chat with their colleagues. Its a single place to organize your workflows and business processes, so you can collaborate, close more deals, and get more done.

AMR Global Advisors CRM is the best investment for your business to grow, increase efficiency and profitability and of course, increase client satisfaction.

AMR Global Advisors offers you a unique, specially created CRM application enabling a simple, quick and transparent access to services we provide. Its function in a way that register every client’s request, required information in a real time, enabling employees to see and react immediately on clients’ inquiries/requests.

For our clients. our CRM application provide unique service in this region enabling the following:

• Being our clients, they can register, create their own account and have an access to every type of contract or business relationship made with us
• To have an access and insight in their project (like web site creation, business plan, advisory and other services we provide) and being able to follow the project development phases and time left to be finalized.
• Also, clients will be able to communicate to project assigned employee and give their suggestions, comments, directions, and requests related to the project.
• It enable an access to work order, invoices, settled and unsettled invoices from previous period
• Besides, client will be able to make a meeting appointment when needed with responsible employee from AMR Global Advisors

Our CRM application is focused on creating quaility and long term relationship with our clients.

In order to be able to adequately and in timely manner follow our clients’ wishes and needs, to cherish our relations and cooperation, we have designed the CRM application which will according to the information gathered from interactions with our clients, enable long-term and prosper cooperation.

Our CRM is created to help us focusing on relations with clients, service users, colleagues or suppliers – including finding new clients and providing support and additional services.

AMR Global Advisors created CRM so that clients can obtain a personalized support at any time of the day or night. It enable us to provide a unique, high quality service and at the same time to have an insight in every clients’ requets, enquiry, interaction and so give an answer as soon as it is possible.

Besides, CRM give us a clear overview of clients on one place with historical data, current project status, pending/unresolved users issues, and much more. In fact, give us a clear picture of the path from inquiry to the request completion.

We are very aware how often clients’ needs are changing as well market trends. Therefore we are focused on being continuosly informed and updated, improving business processes using new technologies, thus enabling us to be in step with our clients needs, which is one of the most important segment of sucessful business.

Being interesed in buying our CRM or you are one of our clients, you can be sure that your business needs will be met on a highly qualitative and efficent way by using our CRM tailored for your business strategy.

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